Commercial Fencing for Apartment Complexes

When people begin looking for a new apartment complex to live in, it’s not uncommon for safety to be one of their biggest concerns. Even if an apartme...
Monday, 27 March 2017

When people begin looking for a new apartment complex to live in, it’s not uncommon for safety to be one of their biggest concerns. Even if an apartment is in a nice area of town, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your residents’ cars are safe from vandalism or break-ins overnight.

One way to make the residents of an apartment complex feel more secure in where they live is to fence the complex. All apartments have different needs, so a consult from a Denver commercial fencing company would be the best way to determine what would work for your property and its needs.


One of the best reasons to fence your apartment is not only to make residents feel safer, but to actually give the complex better security from outsiders. Gated communities are in high demand for a good reason - they’re meant to keep out intruders.

If there are many woman or young children in the complex, being able to walk outside at night or get into their car early in the morning could be a major issue if the apartment residents don’t feel comfortable and it could cause the complex to lose money because of a lack of renters, or it could cause the complex to have to spend even more money on security precautions.

A gate can help prevent an apartment from having to patrol the area during late hours or nightfall because without a code, outsiders won’t be able to get in and be a threat. Keep in mind that the property must already have non-criminal residents or the gate will be ineffective as the people committing crimes will be living within the community and will be a waste of money until those residents are no longer living there.

Restriction to access means that those who aren’t a part of the community can’t trespass and if they try to, are more likely to have a witness because of the exclusivity of the gated area.

Privacy and Quiet

Another reason many potential residents may be attracted to an apartment complex surrounded by a fence is because of the perception of exclusivity and privacy it gives. It’s desirable to live somewhere that others may not be able to go, so a fence is the perfect way to give that sense to your community.

There will be a traffic reduction, as well as less people parking in your lots or street, with makes the area more private and much quieter. Feeling as if their home is a privilege to be a part of is going to allow apartment owners to charge more and to keep residents.

Keep in Mind

Although getting fencing for an apartment complex will make residents feel safe and secure, and will keep it quiet and private, management should be realistic about their expectations of the property.

Not all crimes are preventable because of a fence, and the type of fence used to surround the apartment will also play a factor in how effective it actually is.

Chain-link fences and aluminum fences are hard to get around, but don’t look as nice, while a custom gate or mechanical access gate can look good and be more convenient, but it can also be pricey. A Denver fencing contractor can help apartment managers or owners determine what will look the most appealing, yet be the most efficient for the area the apartment complex is located in.