Choosing the Right Pet Fence for Denver & Colorado Springs Yards

Pets are a joy to have as companions and are great for security or fun, but containing the pets to the yard or house can sometimes be a tricky gig. So...
Monday, 26 March 2018

Pets are a joy to have as companions and are great for security or fun, but containing the pets to the yard or house can sometimes be a tricky gig. Some animals are large and need a stronger fence while others just need a small fence that doesn’t have a ton of reinforcement. Add in that you have to pick a fence that will not only be effective, but look good, and choosing the right pet fence in Denver is a chore. Luckily, with some common sense and a bit of advice, you can choose the perfect fence for your pet and family.

Why do I need a fence for my pet?

Although a well-trained pet usually means your animal won’t be wandering the neighborhood, having a fence isn’t just to keep your pet contained, but to keep others out. Denver is close to the mountains and has an abundance of outdoor areas filled with wild animals. If you live in the heart of the city, there are plenty of strangers wandering about. A fence is a way to keep your animal from escaping, but it’s also a smart way to keep your animal safe. Wild animals can give your pet rabies, can injure your pet, or even kill it if the animal is a predator. The right fence will keep those animals from attacking or interacting with your dog. The fence will also keep strangers from stealing or hurting your pet, too.

Well behaved pets don’t tend to bite people often, but there’s always the chance a person will provoke your animal. A fence will prevent that from happening. If your pet likes to run wild, even if he or she knows how to find the way home, it can be scary knowing they can run into traffic or get lost. A fence is a way to let your pet run around outside while keeping the pet safe.

Fence Options

There are a few different types of fencing options to consider when thinking about building a fence for your pet. The type of pet you have may make certain options better than others, and if you have multiple pets, keep in mind both the largest and smallest pet, as both will have the greatest impact from the fencing.

A wooden fence is quite common in neighborhoods and is great for all types of pets. They come in a variety of sizes and styles, and can be designed to look great. They also blend in well and can add great curb appeal to the home. Aluminum fences are better for larger dogs, as smaller dogs can often fit through little holes or spaces. Depending on where you live, this could be a great option as well. They’re almost maintenance free which is a huge benefit. Vinyl fences are popular options for the pet owner as well; they are also low maintenance. The advantage of the vinyl fence is that it comes in many colors and styles but is still durable and will keep pets in.

Size and Design

Once you’ve picked the type of fence you want you have to get down to the specifics. The size and agility of your pet will really determine how large of a fence you’re going to need. If the pet is large or can easily jump over things, you’ll want a very tall fence. If the pet is smaller, no need to get a huge fence, a smaller one should be OK. The great news is that almost any fence can be changed to look the way you want it to. Your best bet is to ask a professional which pet fence in Denver they’d recommend. They’ll help you evaluate, plan, and install the best fence for your pet and family.