Safest Colorado Springs Fence for Your Family

Find out what the safest fence for your family by contacting a fence contractor in Colorado Springs.
Monday, 29 January 2018

When it comes to protecting your family, there are many security measures a person can take to keep them safe and sound. Security systems, fire and carbon monoxide detectors, a home inspection, and more. But what about outside of the home?

Colorado Springs homes can benefit greatly from having a security fence built to keep dangers out and away from pets and children. Whether it’s an industrial fence, commercial fence, or residential fence, it can keep your family safe from burglars, stray animals, severe weather, and even accidents.

Not all fences are created equal, and all fences have different purposes. Depending on what you need to protect your family will determine which type of fence will be the safest and best suit you. Figure out what it is your needs are for safety, and that will help you choose the best fence to have installed.

Child-Friendly Fences

Things to Consider

When your family has children, one of the biggest priorities you have in life is keeping them safe. Most children enjoy spending time outside, but that often leaves room for stray animals, stranger danger and even exposure to dangerous things like rusted or sharp tools.

Fence Recommendations

It’s important to be sure your children are safe when you let them go outside, and that’s where a fence can be a great security blanket for either the front yard, back yard, or both. Here's a few options and their benefits:

  • Wood fences are a good option if children aren’t as likely to be rough. It is a good way to contain kids and pets, and to keep strangers from coming into the backyard.
  • A picket fence or a split rails fence can keep kids in, but isn’t as good if the kids play with toys that can fit through the spaces.
  • A vinyl fence is a safe option to keep things out - or keep your children in. Especially if your children enjoy playing sports or games, this can be a good option. Vinyl fences are durable and come in an array of heights, so the kids won’t have to chase frisbees or balls.

Pet-Friendly Fences

Things to Consider

Although it isn’t common for people to kidnap pets as it is for pets to escape, both things can happen, and the right fence can keep your pets safe, and others safe from your pets.

Depending on the size of your pet, a wood fence can keep your dog from escaping. It will also keep out larger wild animals from getting in. It’s not uncommon for bears and deer to be seen roaming the streets of Colorado, even in the city. For smaller dogs or cats, even a little fox can be a real threat.

A fence can keep wild animals from coming into your yard and threatening the safety of your animals. Some dogs are small and can fit through small spaces, or are large and can jump over fences, so a fence that is durable and tall is ideal for all types of animals.

Fence Recommendations

One of the most common recommendations for animal fencing is chain link. It is extremely durable, small enough that no pet could squeeze through and cannot be chewed or dug through. Laying chicken wire or a concrete base can also prevent digging.

Most homeowners perfer the aestethic and privacy offered by a vinyl fence. Like chain link, vinyl fences are very durable and they can be custom built for height and spaces.

Pool and Spa fences

Things to Consider

Sometimes safety for a family isn’t a matter of keeping children and pets out rather than in. Whether it’s at a house or you need to build an industrial fence or commercial fence, a fence can help keep kids, pets, and visitors safe by keeping them from gaining access to certain areas.

If you need to protect your pool or jacuzzi, this can be especially true. A fence can keep children and pets from accidentally falling into the pool, or from accessing any controls.

Recommended Fences

  • Chain link fences are low maintenance and great for younger children because they’re unable to climb them.
  • Vinyl is another good option because it is resistant to weather.
  • Cedar fences can provide privacy and also tend to look better and provide more curb appeal.

Whether you’re building an industrial fence, commercial fence, or residential fence, there are plenty of options to keep your family safe. Keep in mind your pets, the age of your children, and your surroundings and you’ll easily pick the safest fence option for your Colorado Springs home.