5 Reasons You Should Replace Your Fence This Winter

If you think fencing is a summer-only home improvement project in Colorado, this article is for you. Learn why you should replace your fence this wint...
Monday, 21 November 2022

If you think fencing is a summer-only home improvement project in Colorado, this article is for you. Learn why you should replace your fence this winter.

While many Colorado homeowners consider summer as the prime season for outdoor home improvement projects, there are good reasons you should replace your fence in winter. 


Replacing your fence during the winter months has a number of advantages and can be a great way to make the most of the season. In this blog, we'll discuss five reasons why winter is the perfect time to replace fencing in Colorado, and why you can trust a professional fencing installation company to do the job right the first time.

Repair or Replace Your Fence This Winter To Prevent Weather Damage

Harsh winter weather and colder temperatures in Colorado can wreak havoc on an already damaged fence. Wind and snow can knock over parts of the fence that are unsteady.  Any existing rotting wood will worsen with the damp weather, and the cost of fixing a wood fence can increase over just a few winter storms.

By choosing to repair or replace your fence this winter, you’re ensuring that existing problems with the fence won’t worsen and you’ll feel better about a long-lasting repair to your fence.

Your Yard May Experience Less Damage With Winter Installation

During the summer, flowers are in full bloom, shrubs and trees are covered in leaves and foliage, and a fence repair or installation could mean damaging or removing the beautiful landscape you’ve been working on for months. Why ruin that picturesque landscape with a messy fence project?

In the winter, you don’t have to worry about damaging existing plants during fence construction because everything is either dead or dormant. Most trees lose their leaves making fence installation that much easier.

Trimming the branches of sparse bushes or trees is much less complicated without leaves. If you have a jungle for a backyard, then you'll find that the progress on your fence construction will go faster in the winter.

During Colorado winters you won't have to waste any time with your fence contractor trying to figure out how to trim your spruce tree, aspen or cottonwood. Or how to avoid trimming your precious blooming rosebuds.  Most of these plants will enjoy the trim, but it’s so much harder to make the call when they're in their prime in the summer.

Many types of Colorado plants are dormant during the winter which makes them more resilient to any disruptions or damage they might receive during fence construction. Protecting the landscape surrounding the fence project is much less of a hassle during the cold months.

But that is just the first reason you should replace your fence this winter.

Your Yard Will Have A Headstart on Spring and Summer Weather

The second reason why you should replace your fence in the winter is being able to enjoy your yard as soon as the weather starts to improve. 

Repairing or replacing a fence during the spring or summer will limit the time your family can enjoy the yard and the outdoors. During the winter you’ll be inside for family time, so the work by the fence company won’t disrupt your family time or activities. Even something small - such as allowing the dog to be outside during warm weather without you there - isn’t an option.

There are plenty of home improvement projects that are better suited to summer months. Taking fence repair off that honey-do list now can give you a headstart on that landscaping project you’ve always wanted but never found time for. 

You May Save Money

Sometimes the Colorado Springs and Denver fencing companies have a surplus of supplies or they still have goals to hit before the busy season starts.  This means there’s a chance of getting reduced rates or saving on either the fencing materials or installation.

Before the busy summer hits, fencing companies need to use stored materials to make room for new ones, so some types of fencing might be cheaper to install in the winter.

The best way to figure out which fence contractors near you offer the best deals is to ask each company if they offer any winter discounts. Search Google for “fence companies near me” and call the top companies so you can get multiple estimates.

Just remember that a discount doesn’t always mean that the company is a good fit for you. Use a contractor who is both reasonably priced and who fits your needs before you replace your fence this winter.

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Fence Installers Are Less Busy in Winter

As mentioned early, summer seems like the natural time to repair or install a fence for most Colorado homeowners.  For this reason, fence contractors experience a significant increase in demand for fence repairs and installation during the warmer months.

The rush of requests for fence installation or repair that takes place from the springtime through the fall can leave you having a long wait time if you want to work with the best Colorado fencing companies.

During the Colorado winters, there’s less demand for fencing projects. This means it will be so much easier for you to get an appointment for a fence estimate with multiple fence contractors.

The faster you get your estimates, the faster you can pick a fence builder and the sooner you’ll be signing a contract and getting your fence repaired or installed!

During the winter the fencing companies near you will have fewer projects on their plate, which means they’ll have plenty of time to focus on your fence project.

Are You Ready To Repair or Replace Your Fence This Winter? 

Fence repair, installation or replacement during the Colorado winter months offers many advantages to the home or property owner. Aside from the fact that you’ll get it over with, so you can enjoy the warmer months, you’ll also have an easier time getting a Colorado Springs or Denver fencing contractor to your house. And you could save money too.

The fence experts at Blicks Fencing Company are skilled in handling frozen earth and other conditions that could make winter fence repair or installation difficult.

Put our experience to work for you today by requesting your free fence estimate