Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Privacy Fencing

Your privacy fencing is supposed to keep prying eyes away. But if you have one of these issues, the time may have come to replace instead of repair.
Monday, 17 January 2022

Your privacy fencing is supposed to keep prying eyes away. But if you have one of these issues, the time may have come to replace instead of repair.

When you first install privacy fencing in your Colorado back yard, you likely picture enjoying a cold beverage on a warm summer day or relaxing in your hot tub in the winter months without the prying eyes of your neighbors. But as the seasons pass, normal wear and tear, damage, and extreme weather events will take their toll and the time will eventually come when you need to replace your privacy fencing. Fencing material has gotten more durable as technology has advanced, but no fence is indestructible, especially in the ever-changing climate of Southern Colorado.  

While some fence issues can be repaired if caught early enough, there comes a time when repairs are not enough. Here are 6 signs that the time has come to replace, not repair, your privacy fence.

Fence Leaning

Even expertly installed privacy fencing can eventually fall victim to leaning. Weather events, like the record high winds recently experienced in Southern Colorado, and constant exposure to the elements cause ground movement that can impact the structural integrity of your privacy fencing. 

A leaning privacy fence is a good indication that there is a serious underlying problem, be it rotted posts, posts that are not buried deep enough, or unstable soil. Whatever the cause, a leaning fence has a good chance of completely toppling over. 

If you notice that your privacy fence is leaning, call in a professional to see if the fence can be repaired or if replacement is necessary.


A fence in good health should not be developing new holes. If you’ve noticed new holes developing or existing holes getting bigger in your privacy fencing, you may want to consider an upgrade to vinyl privacy fencing. There is a strong possibility that these holes are caused by insects or other animals taking chunks out of your fence. Holes not only compromise the integrity of your privacy fencing but, left unaddressed, can cause bigger issues.

If you do decide to replace your fence due to holes from termites or other creatures, you also need to treat the underlying issue. Call an exterminator to do a check for critters before you install a new fence. 

Splintered Wood

While it is normal to have occasional splintering with a wood fence if you notice persistent splintering you may want to consider replacing the fence. Splintered wood is more than an aesthetic problem that you can paint over, it can also be a safety hazard, particularly if you have children or pets in the yard.

Splintering can be the first indication that the wood planks of your fence are cracking, and cracking is a good indication that the fence is falling apart. As soon as you notice frequent splintering or cracking, call in a professional fence company to assess the fence’s condition and determine if the fence needs to be replaced.

Wood Rotting

Even the most well-maintained fences can fall victim to rot. 

Indications that your wood privacy fence is starting to rot are yellow or gray stains on the fence. And if your fence has rot, there is a good chance you also have an issue with mold. 

Unfortunately, once the wood has started to rot there is no going back. The time has come for you to replace your privacy fence. Likewise, once mold starts to grow, it can spread quickly and become a health hazard. That’s why Consumer Reports puts mold remediation in its top 5 home projects to prioritize. Don’t put off replacing your rotting privacy fencing.

Missing Boards

Replacing an occasional board is not unusual during the life of your fence, If more than a board or two is missing in any one section of fence, however, the entire fence can be structurally compromised and may fall at any time. This can be especially dangerous if you have kids or pets close to the fence. 

Furthermore, boards that are constantly coming loose or falling off are a good sign that you need to replace your fence.

Constant Repairs

There is no doubt about it, fence repairs can be a cost-effective and reliable way to maintain the integrity of your privacy fence. But if your fence is constantly in need of repair, and you are replacing a board, nail, or screw every other week, the time has come to consider a new fence.

Blick’s Fencing Makes Replacing Your Privacy Fence Easy

At Blick’s Fencing, we know that the idea of replacing your privacy fencing can be daunting. With the help of a professional fence company, replacing your fence is easier than you think. Let the experts at Blick’s Fencing Company help you select a fence that is right for you and walk you through the entire process. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment and get a free quote.

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