Denver Fence Height Regulations

Consult with a Denver fencing company to help navigate Denver's complex building codes and regulations.

picket fenceWhat are Denver's zoning laws for fencing?

Denver zoning laws are a little bit different from other areas of Colorado. For example, many places in Denver may be considered historic landmarks. This puts strict regulations on what is allowed to be built or altered. If you live in or near an older home or building, then you may need to have your project reviewed before building.

Denver is divided into different zoning districts. This means that some regulations may be different for your area. The best way to find out what standards your fence needs to adhere to, is to consult with a Denver fencing contractor who can look up your location and provide you with information based on your specific area. Blicks Fencing has been working in the Denver area for years. Each one of our contractors knows what laws and zoning codes to review as well as what styles of fence work best for your needs. Read more about our fencing services and how we can help.

What other regulations show I know about before building a fence?

You also may be limited by the height, style and design of your fence because of sewer and utility lines. For example, you are not permitted to build a fence within two feet of a sewer unless you plan to replace the sewer line. You are also not permitted to build over existing utility lines.

One final thing to consider is if your property is part of "public right-of-way". If so, then you cannot build a fence blocking people's passage. It's best not to assume that your property abides by all of these regulations. If your newly built fence is found to be in violation of any zoning laws or regulations then the fence will need to be torn down. When you work with Blicks Fencing, we guarantee your fence will be built well and built right.

What are the fence height regulations for Denver?

If your fence abides by all of the above regulations then you can begin planning the build of your fence. Denver's height regulations state that if the fence is going to be over four feet tall, then you must get a permit. If your fence is over six feet high then it requires a special "over-height" fence permit. If you plan to have a fence taller than eight feet high then you will need a building permit as well as a zoning variance from the Denver Board of Adjustment to begin building.

Consulting with a Denver fencing company will help you navigate Denver's complex building codes and regulations. You can move forward with a good idea of the overall cost (when you factor in building permits and fees as well as the fence cost) for your fencing project and rest easy knowing that you will not need to tear down your fence because of a violation of any of Denver's building codes.