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Cedar Privacy Fencing for Your Yard

Sturdy cedar fencing is a great complement to your yard and provides excellent security and privacy. The featured cedar privacy fence in the image above was specially installed at a Colorado Springs home. The fence has off-centered panels, which make the support panels just tall enough to prevent kids from climbing the fence. It's amazing the customizations you can do to help make a fence perfect for your needs!

Why Use Cedar for your Privacy Fence?

Privacy fencing requires a lot of wood to be effective. The wood panels need to be both closely set together but also at least 6' high. Cedar is the best choice for privacy fencing because it is the most affordable wood option. Additionally, cedar contains natural oils which deter both rot and bugs, it requires no chemical treatments, and is resistant to warping. Finally, while cedar is long-lasting, its look can be refreshed every few years with a fresh stain.

Cedar Privacy Fence Cost

When pricing out your best option for installing a cedar privacy fence, it is best to consult a Colorado Springs or Denver fencing company for an estimate. Fencing costs depend on a number of factors including customization, landscape, size of the project, materials used, and height of the fence. Working with an experienced cedar privacy fence installer can save you a lot of time, money and a headache if you aren't familiar with installing a fence.

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