Chain Link Fence Considerations for Denver & Colorado Springs Areas

A chain link fence in Denver is a great option for residential, commercial and industrial fence projects. It is a reliable, strong, and affordable fen...
Monday, 28 May 2018

Whether you’re trying to enclose your backyard, a playing field, or an industrial area or business, chain link fencing tends to be a great enclosure choice. A Denver chain link fence is versatile and is affordable for both residential and commercial customers.

This type of fence is durable against weather, easy to maintain, and can be customized to fit whatever property you’re using it for. Maybe you want the fence for security, or maybe you need it to keep pets and kids in, but a chain-link fence can be used for convenience and safety.

When should I use a chain link fence?

There are so many fencing options for homes and businesses, so it can be quite confusing to decide which fence will be best for your property. The main thing to keep in mind is the purpose your fence will be serving and what chain link fences work best for.

Protect Your Pets

A big use for chain link fences is if you have pets or animals that easily escape. A chain link fence can be built high to keep the animal from jumping over the fence. Because it is typically made from a galvanized coated wire, it’s also difficult for a pet to chew through or destroy the fence.

Protect Your Business

Chain link fences can also be useful for businesses - especially if you want to keep intruders out! If your business stores supplies outside, like construction supplies or vehicles, a tall chain link fence can make it difficult for people to come in and steal or vandalize anything on the property. It’s also a way to keep people safe from any equipment on your property. If there’s machinery or other items that could cause injury, you don’t want children or strangers wandering in and hurting themselves or damaging your equipment.

Another reason to use a chain link fence is if the fence is a temporary need for an enclosure. Installing and uninstalling a wood or vinyl fence doesn’t really make sense, but a chain link fence is lightweight, easy to install, and less of a hassle to remove, so you can use it at different locations. This makes it more cost effective for your business or needs.

What design considerations do I need to make?

When it comes to the design of your Denver chain link fence, you’ll need to think of four essential elements: the framework, fittings, fabric and gates. By outlining the specific needs you have for your fence, determining the best of each element will be easier to do.

For the fabric of the fence, you’ll need to think about the gauge of the wire, the coating of the wire and the size of the mesh. For fittings and framework, it’s good to consult the American Society of Testing and Materials guidelines, as well as a fencing company. These two factors will affect the look of the fence more than the others, so keep that in mind. Finally, you’ll need to pick a gate style. Depending on the use of the fence you’ll be able to determine if you need a single swing gate, a double swing gate, or even an automated gate. The gate choice is the most dependent on your use and needs of the fence, which is why it’s so important to have them outlined when making decisions or consulting a fence contractor.

A chain link fence installer in Denver can help you to ensure that whatever the need for the fence is, it’s installed properly and is going to withstand weather and use. A fencing contractor can help you with all decisions regarding your Denver chain link fence, whether it be the size and gates or just the fabric used to create the fence. Think about the design, your budget and the convenience of the fence you want for your property. A chain link fence can not only be cost effective and easy to maintain, but it can be a quick and easy install with the help of a professional.