Most Common Questions

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Do you give free estimates?

Yes, we do not charge to come take a look at your project idea or provide you with a project estimate.

Should I stain my new fence?

Yes, but wait a few weeks. It is important that the wood dry out before staining. Fresh fencing is damp from production and will remain damp depending on the weather. It is ideal to wait for the wood to be completely dry before staining otherwise the stain won't hold.

Do you put your posts in the ground with concrete?

Yes, concrete posts are ideal because they prevent rot from cedar posts and help stabilize metal posts. Weathering from rain and wind can result in unstable posts, concrete will prevent the need for repair work in the future.

Should I pressure treat my posts?

We do not recommend pressure treating cedar fencing. Cedar contains a natural chemical that prevents rotting on its own. Pressure treating would remove this chemical and could lead to warping.

Which fence should I use?

One of our most common questions is, "Which type of fence would you recommend?" A lot of our customers already know the basics of what they want but need guidance on the details. Once we know the purpose of the fence you want to install, we can help you determine the best options from there.