Choosing the Right Commercial Gate for Your Colorado Springs Business

A commercial gate can increase security for your Colorado Springs business. Consult with a Colorado fence company to help pick the right gate for you.
Monday, 29 October 2018

Owning a business comes with many responsibilities. Aside from handling paperwork, sales, and everything running smoothly on a day to day basis, the business owner is also responsible for the safety of the employees and the security of the property.

Adding a fence adds a sense of security for the business’ belongings as well as the people who work there. Once you’ve had a fencing company install a commercial fence on your property, you’ll really have to keep in mind how guests and employees will enter.

Choosing the right commercial gate doesn’t have to be a huge burden, and is much easier to do when you’ve evaluated the needs of your property and consulted with a fencing company.

Things to consider before buying your commercial gate

The most important thing to do when picking a commercial gate is to list out what the purpose of the gate is. Is it there for security? Are you keeping something in or others out? Will the gate be usable by all parties or is it strictly for the use of employees/yourself? All of these things factor into the type of gate you pick. If it’s there for looks then pick something pretty. If it is meant to keep people out it needs to be locked.

Customers have to be able to somehow get in if that is where they enter. By listing out what the gate will be used for you will be able to talk to a fencing contractor and get an idea of what gates will work best. From there, use a wish list of wants (but not necessarily needs) to narrow down which of those gives you the most bang for your buck.

Give your business gate an upgrade

Although it may seem like you don’t necessarily need a fancy gate with a ton of features, technology has created a way to make the use of gates more convenient. Whether it is adding a security system to keep out intruders, adding an easy to open gate to allow customers in, or even using a sensor so entry is more convenient for employees are all ways to upgrade your gate.

Other things like cameras can also be ways to keep property secure and allow you to control who can enter through the gate. Whichever fence you choose, be sure to ask what features could be added on. This way, even if you may not want or need something right now, you know what options there are for the future.

Consider the specifics of your gate choice

Does the gate need to be easily locked every day? Is there a chance that it could be damaged by drivers or equipment? Can two cars fit through it or is this a gate for people to walk through? All of these little details are what will make up the final gate you pick.

A business owner will want the highest quality gate they can afford with their budget, however thinking of little details that would make life for the customers and employees easier may mean shifting how money is spent on the fence and its gate. If style and looks are more important, consider what color or style will have the best curb appeal.

If you know that it will be a pain for employees to walk to the gate and manually lock it daily, or that they’ll forget to, consider a gate that either automatically locks or can be locked with a switch. If people are driving in and out of the property, keep in mind how the size of the gate itself could affect traffic flow to the business.

All of these small details add up to a big difference in what you originally perceived as necessary and what will make daily life easier. If the budget is tight, consider discussing what could be added later on with your fencing contractor.

Whether you’re replacing an old commercial gate on your property or you’ve just installed a commercial fence and want to make sure access to the property is exactly as you want it, seek out expert advice. Consulting with a Colorado fence company for your commercial gate is your best bet to figure out what you want and need. 


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