Fence Design to Create an Outdoor Living Space in Colorado

Colorado Springs and Denver homeowners often wonder, “What backyard fence designs create an outdoor living space in Colorado?” Click to learn more.
Monday, 25 May 2020

Colorado is a beautiful place and many Colorado homeowners want to maximize time in that beauty by maximizing the time they can spend in their yards.  This post explores fence design to create an outdoor living space.

Colorado homeowners often wonder, “What backyard fence designs create an outdoor living space?”  It's not uncommon for homeowners living the Colorado Springs, Highlands Ranch and Denver areas to call us with this very question.  In this post, you will learn a few of the most common ways different fence designs are used to create an outdoor living area. 

Cedar Wood Privacy Fences

The wood fence is the most common fence design in Colorado. With a variety of lumber and finish options, wood fences crop up in neighborhoods everywhere.

As a relatively cheap option, the cedar wood privacy fence promotes intimacy and privacy in the backyard. Build your fence high enough to keep prying eyes away. Keep deer and rabbits from eating your flowers. Show off your style with your choice of finish or paint. 

Vinyl Fencing

When considering fence design to enhance outdoor living space, vinyl fencing has tremendous benefits. Similar to wood panel privacy fences, vinyl fences are tall and create privacy and intimacy in the back yard.  A plethora of style and color options allow for personal touches and yard enhancements. And, vinyl is thick and opaque, which blocks sound better than wood making your backyard the ultimate peaceful, easy place to relax.

While vinyl can be more expensive, vinyl fencing is a popular alternative to wood privacy fences. Vinyl fencing is more substantial and easier to clean than wood. Soap, a scrub brush, and a hose will clean off debris and stains. Moisture absorption, warp, and rot are non-issues.

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Pallet Fences

For fence design options in Colorado's urban areas, pallet fences are an excellent way to extend outdoor living space. Cheap and unique, pallets are durable and easy to expand.

Pallet fences are less obtrusive to close neighbors, and still create privacy. Great for artists and free spirits, the pallet fence is open to creative-license. Consider using ivy or bushes to create an inner layer to these fences.

Depending on the scope and design of the project, a pallet fence can be a DIY as well.

Chain-link Fences

The chain-link fence design spans generations. While a standard model is basic, adding a flowerbed to the interior fence or planting shrubs around it can enhance a chain-linked outdoor space. Spruce up your chain-link in ways that motivate you to create the outdoor living space behind it. 

Chain-link fences are cost-effective and offer security. Repairs aren't costly, and maintenance comes easily. As is, chain-link may not promote outdoor design, but with personal touches, it can add much to a yard.

Corrugated Metal Fences

The corrugated metal fence design lends a modern feel to a yard. Sleek and dark in color, corrugated metal fences are available in a variety of thickness and height. This fence requires little maintenance and repair.

The galvanized steel used in corrugated metal is an excellent choice for the variety of weather fronts experienced in Colorado. It holds up in any climate and withstands rust issues.


Fence design goes hand in hand with landscape when it comes to outdoor living space. A well-chosen, properly constructed fence can change the whole look of a yard. Research all options to choose what best suits your outdoor living space dreams. Create a personal outdoor paradise by utilizing a fence design that fits your needs. Consider your neighbors and the property values in your neighborhood before selecting a fence. Remember, "good fences make good neighbors."

To ensure a quality fence design, consult a professional. Blicks Fencing provides professional expertise with each contract. Call us with your fence design questions and needs. 

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