Picking the Right Fence for Your Pets

Some pets need a particular kind of fence to keep them safe. Get a free quote for a pet fence from a Colorado Springs fencing company.
Monday, 26 September 2016

How do you pick the right fence for your pet?

First, consider the size of the pet.

This is one of the most important things to think about when deciding the type of fence you’ll pick for your animal. If you have large animals like horses or cattle, it’s OK for the fence to have openings, but for smaller animals like dogs or cats, the fence must be completely secure in order to prevent the animal from leaving the yard or area. You also must consider the space the animal will be housed in as well - the larger the animal, the more space you’ll have to fence and the more money installing the fence will cost!

What is the pet’s temperament?

The temperament of the pet can play a huge factor in picking fencing. If the animal is well-behaved and doesn’t wander, an invisible fence might be a great option. If your dog sees open space and runs as quickly as he can away from you, an area with a full, completely closed area may be better. The pet’s temperament will also determine the height and strength of the fence. If the animal is large and extremely strong and playful, you’ll want a strong, tall fence that can withstand some bustling against it. If the animal is calm or unable to jump over the fence, a smaller fence likely will work out well. The purpose of the fence is to prevent escape, so be sure it truly does that.

Will the pet grow, or do you plan to get another pet?

Determining how much space you can afford to fence is important, and keeping the future in mind is a good idea because when you build a fenced area, you won’t want to have to rebuild it if the space becomes too small. If your animal will outgrow your current fence, or you plan on purchasing another animal in the future, remember to build your space to fit two pets rather than just one! A Colorado Springs fencing contractor can help you to determine how much more (or less) space will be needed for multiple pets.

What fences are within our budget?

Difference fences are priced based off of materials, style, how much fencing is needed and if technology is involved (invisible fences, etc.). Determining a set budget and looking with a Colorado Springs fencing contractor at options within that budget is the best idea. Although you want a beautiful fence, the purpose of the fence is to contain the pet so if the budget feels too small for the fence that is the correct material and style, it’s probably a better idea to sacrifice style to buy a fence that will keep your pets secure.

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Do I want a full fenced yard or a fenced containment system within the area?

Depending on the size of the property, building a containment system rather than an entire fenced property may be the better way to build a fence for your pets. This all depends on the type of pet, size and the purpose of the containment. Is the containment meant to keep the animals from running away completely, or is it more of a dog run for when you want to leave the animal outside for a few hours at a time? Determining what will give your animal enough room to run around is an important factor in deciding if a full fenced yard or a containment system is best.

Do your neighbors’ or HOA care?

When planning renovations or home improvement projects, asking a neighbor’s advice isn’t exactly the first thing that comes to mind for most people, but it is something that is important to remember. If you live in a neighborhood or community with a homeowner’s association, that may mean that your plans for building a fence could be altered or halted! You’ll need to look over the HOA bylaws and talk to the committee to be sure whatever you’re building is acceptable.

Even if the neighborhood doesn’t have an HOA, considering your neighbors is a helpful way to avoid future conflict. If you build a huge fencing system that is an eyesore, or if you build a fence that doesn’t contain your pets and they keep getting out, your neighbor will likely come to you to get the issue resolved. Your neighbors’ opinions should play a role in picking a fence - a small role - but a role nonetheless.

Don’t forget about safety

Picking a fence isn’t just about keeping an animal from running away, it’s about keeping both the pets and surrounding neighbors safe as well. An animal running in the road can get itself killed or could cause a car accident. It can also get bit by larger animals or contract diseases. It’s important to be sure that the gates of the fence secure well. Also make sure the base of the fence is equipped so that animals, specifically dogs, have a minimal chance of digging their way out of the area.

As the owner of pets, you’re the person who is in charge of caring for the animals and being sure they stay on your property. A fence to confine the animals will keep them safe, and will keep others from having to deal with your animal. Just remember that to pick a fence that will work for both your family and your pet, to consult with a Colorado Springs pet fence contractor.