Tips for Chain Link Fence Maintenance in Colorado

Chain link fencing is an affordable option for many Colorado homeowners. To keep it strong and looking good, periodic chain link fence maintenance is...
Monday, 19 July 2021

Chain link fencing is an affordable option for many Colorado homeowners. To keep it strong and looking good, periodic chain link fence maintenance is needed. 

If you live along the Colorado Front Range and you’re concerned about the look and longevity of your chain link fence, you need our tips for chain link fence maintenance in Colorado. Once primarily used for commercial and industrial applications, chain link fences have grown in popularity as an option for residential homeowners thanks to their superior combination of affordability, effectiveness, and convenience. 

Chain link fences are one of the most popular choices for Colorado homeowners interested in keeping pets and children inside the safety of their yards, and for keeping unwanted visitors out.. When you choose the right materials and fence contractor for the installation, these sturdy and high-quality fences can provide security and peace of mind for years to come. . But that doesn’t mean you can put up a chain link fence and never think about it again. If you want your fence to last, you will need to perform some periodic maintenance. 

Tips for Chain Link Fence Maintenance

With proper maintenance and care, a chain link fence can last 20 years or longer. And fortunately, the upkeep on chain link fencing is much less time-consuming and difficult than your neighbor’s wooden counterparts. 

Here are some tips for chain link fence maintenance to prolong the life of your fence. 

Clean Your Fence Regularly

Chain link fences are incredibly easy to clean. Use a pressure washer combined with some mild soap to wash off stains, dirt, and other debris. Alternatively, you can use a garden hose to spray down your fence combined with a scrub brush and some soapy water. 

Apply Rust Protection Annually

Chain link fences can rust. Not only is a rusty fence no fun to look at, but it can also become weaker and less functional as the materials begin to deteriorate over time. You can prevent rust by spraying a rust-resistant coating (like the ever-popular Rustoleum) on your fence annually. Be sure to pay particular attention to the bottom of the fence where moisture from the ground accumulates. 

Avoid Growing Plants in Your Chain Link

 Many Southern Colorado homeowners like vines growing through their chain link fences as a way to enhance the look of their properties and provide increased privacy. But while it may be aesthetically pleasing, having plants growing through your fence is a sure way to damage it slowly over time. The weight and moisture from the foliage will cause your fence to rust and sag, eventually leading to damage that will require fence repair or replacement. 

Oil Any Gate Hinges

Most chain link fences have some type of gate. If yours does, be sure to keep the hinges rust-free by oiling them regularly. If you fail to do this, you’ll eventually find it difficult to open the gate and will need to replace those hinges. 

Avoid Climbing on Your Fence

As a kid, you probably looked at those holes in chain link fences as an invitation to climb. But using your chain link fence as a jungle gym can bend support posts and pull the links away from the bars, causing significant damage to your fence if done repeatedly. If climbing kids is an issue for you, you might consider adding vinyl slats to your fence to discourage the practice. 

Check All Hardware

Chain link fences have a lot of hardware and connections. Make sure you inspect these at least twice per year for any weaknesses or damage so that you can make repairs. We recommend doing this in the spring and fall, the bookends of Colorado’s extreme weather months. When you are proactive with fence maintenance, the cost and labor required to keep up your fence will be less over the long run. 

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How to Properly Repair a Rusted Chain Link Fence

Preemptive chain link fence maintenance is vital. But what if you have a rusted fence? Rust is a natural reaction when iron-containing metals are exposed to air and water. While some rust is superficial, it can become structural if left unattended for too long. Here are a few steps you can take to address rust on a fence:

  • Use a pressure washer or garden hose to remove any loose rust and debris from your fence. Allow the fence to dry completely. 
  • Scrub any areas of rust with a wire brush. Go over any remaining areas with a plastic scrub pad. 
  • Wipe the sanded or scrubbed areas with a clean rag before treating the fence with a rust protectant. 

When Chain Link Fence Maintenance Is Not Enough

Hopefully, these tips for chain link fence maintenance in Colorado will keep your fence looking and functioning the way you want for years to come. But, if you find that the posts are leaning or rust is taking over large sections of the fence, it is likely time for you to call in the experts. 

Blick’s Fencing is a Colorado fence company that serves customers throughout the Denver and Colorado Springs area. We install and maintain many different types of fences and would be happy to speak to you about your options. Contact us today for more information or a free quote.  

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