Backyard Season Will Soon Be Here! Winter is a Great Time to Start Fence Design

Why think about fence design in winter, when you would rather curl up in front of the fireplace? Here are 7 reasons why winter is the ideal time to ge...
Monday, 28 December 2020

Why think about fence design in winter, when you would rather curl up in front of the fireplace? Here are 7 reasons why winter is the ideal time to get going.

Fence design and installation may not be the first thing on your mind when the temperatures drop. Many Colorado Springs and Denver homeowners believe that wintertime is best spent in hibernation, and fences are more appropriate projects for the spring and summer seasons. But, believe it or not, there are many benefits to designing and installing your fence during the winter. 

Here are some of the reasons why Colorado winters are the perfect time to think about and take action on your new fence. 

Avoid The Spring Competition

How often do you “spring into action” as the temperatures warm up, with different projects and home upgrades? If you’re doing it, there’s a good chance that everyone else is as well. 

For most home improvement projects, spring and summer are the peak seasons. Knowing this, the colder months are the perfect time to get things done when there is less competition for services. 

Fence Contractors Are Prepared

It would be a mistake to think that your local fence company is closed for the season. This is far from the truth. Most fence companies in Colorado Springs and Denver remain open for repairs and installation, but winter is understandably a slower time for this business. 

Because your local fence expert isn’t crushed with new business, you’ll be able to get an appointment and estimate quicker than during the busy season. You can get help with fence design and get your project on the schedule much faster than you would during other times of the year. 

Save Some Money On Your Fence

Sometimes professional fence installers close out the year with surplus supplies, meaning you could save some money when choosing certain types of fences. That being said, shopping on price alone isn’t always the way to choose the best fence company near you. When you choose quality materials and installation, you’ll also get a durable product and have less need for fence repair in the future. 

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Winter Fence Design And Installation Is Landscape Friendly

Assuming you move from fence design to installation in a short period, you can’t go wrong with winter installation when it comes to protecting your landscaping. Many bushes and plants are dormant in the winter, so it won’t cause long-term damage to trim or even relocate them for your fence installation. 

In addition, as crews work on your property, your grass and even perennials are in a dormant state. If anything does need to be replaced or re-landscaped after your fencing project is complete, doing so during the winter will give you a head start before spring arrives. 

Get The Best Fence Possible During Winter

When you design, order, and install a fence during the peak season, you may have a sense of urgency about your project. Maybe you want to protect animals or create some privacy. There are plenty of ways to customize a fence, such as attractive lattice top fencing or low-maintenance vinyl fencing, but those options can take time to achieve during the busy months, particularly when supplies are short and schedules are full. 

During the winter, you won’t have to compromise on your choices to get the fence you want. You’ll be able to focus on a fence design that meets your practical and aesthetic needs and get it installed in a more timely manner. 

A New Winter Fence Will Be More Durable

 A new fence will hold up much better against winter weather. And, if your existing fence is rotting or cracking, the damage is only going to get worse in Colorado’s winter conditions. 

As an added benefit, wood fences are less likely to experience warping in colder months. During the winter, there is more time for your wood to “season,” reducing the chances of splitting or warping wood. If you have an existing fence that is no longer doing its job or is painful to look at, why not take action immediately?

Designing Your Fence Now Gets You Ready For Spring

Finally, who wants to spend all of their time working on or coordinating projects when the weather turns warm? If you tackle that fence design and installation now, you and your family can be enjoying the outdoors in the spring and summer instead of watching a fence contractor walk across your yard. 

Start Your Winter Fence Design Now With Local Fence Expert Blick’s Fencing Company

If you’re hesitating about making improvements to your Colorado Springs or Dever area property simply because it’s cold outside, don’t wait another minute. At Blicks Fencing, everyone on our team is an expert in Colorado soils and weather and we know what effects those factors will have on your fencing projects. We are your local fence company, with more than 20 years of experience in year-round fence repair and installation throughout the Colorado Front Range. Contact us today for a free estimate for your upcoming fence design and installation project, or to speak to us about your fence repair needs. 

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