Styles and Maintenance for Cedar Fencing

Hire a Denver cedar fence contractor to build a fence to set up a property line and create privacy for yourself and your family.
Monday, 25 September 2017

When it comes to picking and building a new fence, a cedar fence can be a great option for reasons ranging from maintenance to privacy. The wood is easy to maintain with its resistance to bugs. Picking out what type of cedar fence you’d like isn’t always as easy a decision.

Hiring a Denver cedar fence contractor to build the fencing around your home or property is the most convenient way to set up a property line and create privacy for yourself and your family. A cedar fence builder will have the expertise to explain the benefits of each type of fence, to give you an idea of what will give you the most bang for your buck and will be an expert at installing your fence so that it is sturdy and long-lasting.

Before contacting your fence builder though, it is good to have an idea of what cedar fence options there are so you fully understand the options your contractor gives you.

The main challenge a person might have when choosing a cedar fence is the actual style of the fence. The great thing about cedar fencing is that it is so versatile and can give any house or property the feel that the owner is looking for. Whether the main concern is privacy or curb appeal, there’s a cedar fence style to give the homeowner the look they want.

Cedar Privacy Fencing

Cedar privacy fencing is a great option for those who want to not only keep others out, but keep their home quiet and private. The boards of a privacy fence are tightly butted together so that there is minimal space to see in. The boards can be spaced completely together or with some space between the boards. It’s up to the owner. If the owner wants a bit more light to come in, the boards should have just a little extra space between them. This also gives a property like a home more of a comfortable feel.

Cedar Picket Fence

Picket fences are a popular style for cedar fencing, but the different details available are what makes a home’s fence unique. They’re especially great because they give a home that traditional feel and offer wonderful curb appeal. Lattice details can give a homeowner the privacy they crave, while still enhancing the look of the fence with a top that is more intricate.

Lattice panels can also be a great addition to a solid cedar board fence. If you don’t want street traffic to see into your yard, but you don’t mind your neighbors and don’t want shadows covering areas like a garden, a lattice panel in a small area on the side can offer the sunlight through it. If lattice isn’t your thing, a plain picket fence can make a home look just as good. Maybe even choose a plain fence and add in something like gothic pointed tops or customized post caps to personalize the fence for your home.

Other Cedar Fence Styles

Some other fence styles that are popular for cedar fences are horizontal and a shadow box style. The horizontal style features horizontals boards that go between vertical strings. A shadow box creates privacy and looks great for both you and your neighbor. For a windy climate or places that get crazy weather, like Denver, a shadow box is great for it’s strength! The staggered design gives the fence most stability and it can withstand the elements much better.

Aside from the actual fence style, a person has to figure out what fence texture will be best for them. While some don’t care, one of the great benefits of building a cedar fence is that it can be smoothed and buffed to look absolutely beautiful. You can get a cedar fence with a smooth surface on all four sides, a smooth surface on only the exposed side, or a completely rough board on all sides. Staining is important as well. There is the option of dark or light stain, but it’s mostly personal preference and what will make your house get the look you’re aiming for.

Although it can seem overwhelming to figure out the details for your new fence, a Denver cedar fence contractor can help you to find what is best for your property. Whether you want privacy, ease in maintenance, or just a beautiful property divider, a cedar fence builder can assist in finding you the fence you envision.